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At the core of building a collection of fine art, either with new or more experienced collectors, it is essential to discuss reasons to approach such an endeavor:building a collection pic 2 for website 2

  • The most obvious is the emotional appeal that each individual work of art extends to the collector—visually and viscerally.
  • Second is often the enjoyment of the process of acquisition itself, bringing a deeper knowledge and appreciation of artists and schools of art, combined with the excitement of discovery and purchase.
  • Another is the assurance that in addition to owning and preserving art for the future generations, the financial aspects and investment qualities of fine art have been proven to be solid for millennia. Particularly now, in these unstable markets, savvy investors have been supplementing lukewarm cash and stock returns by investing money into fine art.

We at Old Sarum gallery have built numerous small collections of 19th and early 20th century art for private and corporate clients. We are interested in both the financial and artistic merit of each collection and strive to make each collection more than the sum of its individual parts. We can advise on authenticity, prospective artists, periods, or subjects to collect, the harmoniousness of the collection, and of course the way to attain the best purchase price.

Call us today for a consultation.

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