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Fred Pye Seascape




Fred Pye (1882-1964)
Oil on Board, 8 x 10 inches


(prices subject to change)


Fred Pye was born in Hebden Bridge Yorkshire, England on December 1 1882. He attended the Julian Academy and Colorossi Academy in Paris. He studied under such notables as Jean-Paul Laurens, Adolphe Dechenaud, Jules Pages, and Henri Royer. Shortly after completing his work at the Academy he held an exhibition wherein the French Government purchased one of his paintings entitled Mer Agiteo in 1926. The painting was hung in the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris.

Pye emigrated to the U.S., living in such places as Dew Moines, IA, Cincinnati, OH, and Ogunquit, ME. It was there, in his later years, where he became artist-in-residence at the Cliff House, producing a prolific body of work. He is known primarily for the dynamic expressiveness of his landscapes and seascapes. He died in Ogunquit, ME on September 29, 1964.

In addition to the Musée du Luxembourg, his paintings hang in the Edmonton Museum, and the Cincinnati Museum of Art.



Fred Pye Seascape