Nino Pippa Fishing village Norfolk



"Fishing Village - Norfolk"

Nino Pippa (b. 1950)
Oil on Masonite, 9 x 16 inches


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Nino Pippa was born on the island of Sardinia in Italy.  He was raised in a family of four brothers, Nino being the third eldest.  All the brothers are musically inclined including Nino, who plays the guitar and sings.

Nino remained in Italy until 1975, when he moved to the United States at the age of 25.  He then opened a small coffee house in St. Louis, which also served as a gallery to display his many paintings.

Nino began drawing at a very early age. When he was thirteen, a teacher from Florence, Armando Gaglioni recognized his true potential. After discussing it with Nino's parents, Nino's formal training began. Before moving to the United States, Nino traveled to England where he studied for two and a half years under Edward Seago (1910-1974).  Although Seago has been a great influence, Pippa's work has drastically shifted from Impressionism to sardonic Conceptualism.

Nino continues to do paintings of the sea and landscapes reminiscent of his boyhood home in Italy.  Nino continues to display and sell paintings from his restaurant, as well as several art galleries around the St. Louis area.  He also has paintings displayed throughout the United States and Europe.  His varied paintings include portraits of celebrities, local people, and scenes along the Mississippi River.