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J.M. Reeves Bolinas


Bolinas Waves

Joseph Mason Reeves (1898-1973)
Signed, ca. 1965
Oil on Canvas, 22 x 28 inches
$ 3, 250

(prices subject to change)





Joseph Mason Reeves, Jr. was born in Washington, DC, the son of Admiral Joseph M. Reeves. Following graduation from the University of California in1917, and naval service in World War I, Reeves studied art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC; Academies Julian and Colarossi in Paris; and the British Academy of Arts in Rome (1922-23). He then worked as a portraitist in NYC, Norfolk, San Francisco, and Los Angeles where he was associated with MGM Studios from 1928-34.

He was a member of the California Art Club, the Los Angeles Art Association, and the Laguna Beach Art Association.  He was also President of the Artists of the Southwest and the Painters and Sculptors Club of Los Angeles.

Exhibitions include:

California State Fair, 1927 (2nd Prize); 1931, (3rd Prize); 1934

Arizona State Fair, 1932

California Statewide (Santa Cruz), 1933 (prize)

Los Angeles Art Association, 1934 (award)

Paris Salon, 1934

Sierra Madre City Hall, 1934

California Art Club, 1934

Biltmore Salon, Los Angeles, 1934

Bohemian Club, 1935

Ebell Club, Los Angeles, 1935

Academy of Western Painters, Los Angeles, 1936

National Academy of Design

Painters and Sculptors of Los Angeles, 1942 (3rd prize), 1947

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1950

Greek Theater, Los Angeles, 1962


St. Francis Hospital, San Francisco

U.S. Navy Department

Ebell Club, Los Angeles

Bohemian Club

J.M. Reeves Bolinas