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Cornish Hills, New Hampshire

Robert Emmett Owen (1878-1957)
Oil on Board, 11 x 15 inches


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Robert Emmett Owen was born Jan. 30, 1878 in North Adams, Massachusetts. A prolific painter of his native New England, he was a pupil of Pape, Mulhaupt, and Ochtman.

Member: Greenwich Society of Art, Connecticut Academy of Fine Art.

Works: "Autumn Cool" and "Winter Woods" at Bruce Memorial Museum; "October Woodland", Public Library, Greenwich, CT. Illustrations in Scribner's, Harper's, Century, and numerous book illustrations. Died in 1957.

Listed: Who's Who in American Art, 1936-37,; P. Havlice's Index to Artistic Biography, vol. II.

Published: Two very fine catalogs of his work are The Sprit of New England (1998) and The Seasons of New England (2000), both published by Spanierman Gallery, LLC, 45 East 58th Street, New York City.


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